Tuesday, July 1, 2014


In the interest of moving things along….We moved, we moved again, now we live in a home we purchased in Washington state. Which is where the madness begins. Our house, while clean and mostly lovely (Seriously in love with my backyard), had a very 80s kitchen. Chipped laminate countertops, yellowed linoleum floor, crusty oven range and even nastier hood vent….of course it was all topped off
with a lovely drop ceiling…florescent lights and all. The good thing is, its small. So with a little careful planning and a lot of help from youtube, we figured we could knock out a newish kitchen in a month. Oh what a month it was, well months rather. For the entire month of May, and most of June I could always find various colors of paint somewhere on my body.

The first part of any kitchen renovation is demolition. I thought since we had decided to salvage the cabinets, it would be pretty easy. Oh, how naive I was. Anytime you decide to do anything on your own it will probably be hard. Or tedious. Or psychologically damaging in some way….or some combination of those things. And don’t believe Pinterest and all the pretty dust free pictures, any degree of renovation is hard work.
The before

Yeah, this just isn't going to work...
 The day after we closed on the house. So innocent and unaware...and apparently very excited about something located to the upper left of the camera. Haha
The dishwasher stayed, but the mammoth refrigerator the previous owners squeezed into this tiny kitchen didn't come with the house. A relief, because if it did I would probably be chucking dishes to the back of the dishwasher.
 All the cabinet doors came off first. The kitchen looks so much bigger without the big corner cabinet. 
Then the floors. And yes thats floors, with an s. plural. Two layers of linoleum flooring attached with lots of glue. 
This is when I started freaking out. Less than a week into our renovation and our kitchen looked like this. No countertops, no floor, no cabinet doors, no sink. Its really hard to see progress through the mess, but it had to be done. The good thing is we had our rental house during most of the madness, which was great because we could retreat back to a dust free zone with a functional kitchen. 

More to come.....

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