Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Last Days

This year the last few days of school were so fun that neither of my kids wanted the year to end. With beach days, picnics, best friends, and more beach days, I completely understand. 

A forecast of 68 and cloudy didn't stop the kids from swimming in the ocean. 

Can't believe my boy is going to be in middle school next year! 

Officially the last day of school. Flowers and presents for the teachers. 

These were my teacher gifts. Canvas bags stamped/painted with apples. I don't plan on making a tutorial for this craft, but it was sooo easy! If you ever decide to give it a try just make sure you use a firm apple like granny smith and put something inside the bag or your paint will bleed through. :) 

Layla's teachers surprised the kids threw water balloons. 

Last day of school included a Fun Run where classes took turns running around the school several times. I knew about it of course and tried to talk Layla into wearing something other than her ballerina flats, but she refused and I am all about picking my battles. Shoes didn't seem slow her down. 

Since the teachers pelted the kids with water balloons, it was only fair that the kids get a turn. Layla hit her teacher dead on. 

The above pic is from the first day of school. And the bottom is from the last day.  What a difference a year makes! 
Best TK teacher ever! She spoke sweet words to each child(much crying involved) then presented them with a scrapbook album full of all their TK memories. 

Picnic time! Which means my kidos eat with me really fast then take off to different ends of the playground to hang out with friends. 

Landon volunteered to carry all his sisters things. Such a good big brother! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

School Performance and the Open House

With the school year ending this week I am inspired to get a few things on the blog and brag about my kids and their wonderful school just a little. Landon has been in three schools in his elementary career and his current Cali school is by far the best. From the programs (4 day science camp nearly killed me but Landon loved it), to the teachers, the events, to the importance put on music and art. A couple months ago (yes, I am horribly behind on posting) the entire 5th grade participated in colonial day. Each student was assigned a historical character (Landon was King George III) and had to memorize a little speech then dress the end they all acted out famous battles. It was adorable. And over three hours. Miraculously, and with the help of a fully charged iPhone, Layla sat quietly for the whole thing! 

Family Day! 
In May Layla's teacher put on a family day which included coffee (starbucks!), breakfast, games, songs, and even a little family photo area complete with paper moustaches on popsicle sticks. 

Chillin with her pals during game time on family day.

Two weeks after family day the entire school held their open house. And Layla's teacher went all out again to make it a great experience. Also, like me the woman is addicted to Pinterest, therefore we all enjoyed some adorable cupcakes. 

At least once a month each classroom participates in what they call "Hands on Art." They bring in someone to show the kids certain techniques. They entire gym was filled with artwork from every grade. Lots and lots of art on our walls right now. :) 

Landon and his teacher. She was tough but really really good at helping him express himself through his writing. 

At open house I told him, "Go stand by your college project," and this is what I got. My boy loves attention. :)