Friday, May 3, 2013

Strawberry Fields....TK Field trip!!

I had the the honor of being picked to go Layla's first field trip to Tanaka Farms.  I was extremely excited. Layla was born when my boy started kindergarten, so I have never been...hard to take a baby on a field trip.  Needless to say, most of this trip was very busy and very loud, and there were many strawberry stained faces by the time the day was done. 
 Seat belts school buses! Heck yeah! 
 First part of the day, scratch that, second part of the day (since the first consisted of taking the entire class to the bathroom, a feat that took 7 grown adults), we loaded up for a tractor ride and a tour around  the farm. Frequent stops provided the kids and chaperones with fresh veggies and herbs. 
 The guide told everyone that they didn't have to like everything but they did have to try everything....yeah, that went over well with our bunch...most of the onions got chucked over the side. The spinach however was delicious! 
So many strawberries!  
Fun fact, onions keep away bugs if you are planting organic. 
On the way home, almost every child fell asleep....except mine. :)