Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sun, Swim, and the Graduation

After 10 years in college, I am done. Finally!!!! Seriously, this thing took way too long. When I pictured myself on the finished side of my degree, I always saw a nursing degree, and if I am very honest, I would have been miserable. Miserable, but with a guaranteed job…hmmm…oh well. Books, though torturous at times (seriously Hard Times by Charles Dickens and Beloved by Toni Morrison almost killed me), make me much happier than science ever could. Now to look for a job where I can read all day….sigh.

While we were in AZ there was a party everyday. The month of May this year was a crazy time for my family. We celebrated my birthday, as well as four of my cousins birthdays, plus my graduation, my cousins prom, and my mother-in-law’s engagement….oh and Avengers came out, which thrilled my husband more than anything else. All set to 95 degree temperatures. Mild by Phoenix standards, but I was ready to head back to Cali on Sunday.  

 The kids took advantage of the heat and swam every chance they got. 
Cousins chillin by the pool! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Castle Rock Trip

A ridiculous amount of time passed before I finally buckled down and bought a plane ticket to Denver to see my new little nephew, Nolan. I snuck away on one of Jason’s three day weekends and spend the whole time gabbing with my little sis and feeding her two older children candy. I didn’t get in till really late, so I didn’t see the kids till morning when Brooke put a very smiley baby right next to my face….such a great way to start the day! The weekend was great and even though I missed my babies, it was wonderful to be a full time auntie for a while. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater

This was such a cool place! On non-concert days people come to work out. crazy people. the pic does not show how steep this really is! good for them. Brooke and I on the other hand, really enjoyed watching. ;)
 so cute! And only slightly staged. 
crazy faces
 Completely candid. Such a great mommy! 
Mermaids at the Denver aquarium. This really was cool, and Layla was extremely disappointed that she missed out. 

On Saturday Brooke drove me around Colorado Springs...Boeing has a facility there and I am praying Jay can get a job there! This neighborhood was beautiful, more natural landscaping = less mowing. :)
 Saturday night we got a little surprise...SNOW!  
Luckily, it didn't interfere with my flight the next day, and I finally had a good reason to wear my Uggs. 

At the it sad that I see The Hunger Games everywhere?