Monday, March 12, 2012

My Weekend Hobby

Moving to a new state can be very exciting, but is always a little daunting. When we moved to Tennessee in 2004, I did nothing to explore the area, outside of finding the nearest walmart, and driving to Nashville every once in a while. When we moved to Cali a few months ago, I was determined to make this move a completely different experience. I started by just driving around on Saturday mornings, stopping for the occasional garage sale….soon I was buying and selling vintage on Etsy. My shopping has gotten a bit more refined, so now I tend to forgo the garage sales in favor for estate sales. I have found some incredible treasures, and walked through some truly stunning homes. 

One of the first dresses I bought....from the 20's!

Gorgeous Marilyn pic for my Dad
Really cool, fruit covered chandelier
Things like this are always a little sad. However, not nearly as sad as when they leave personal pics on the walls. 
1930's home in Long Beach. Looks like a fairytale! 

Pyrex nesting these! Definitely not for sale. 

Front yard of a home in Palo Verdes
I sold some books! 
This is one of my most favorite finds. An eclectic speller from 1875, with an intact dust jacket! 

Most of the books in this cabinet now belong to me. :) 
Attic of a home in Los Feliz. The home had been closed up for 30 years, so it was a very interesting experience. They found several zebra skins up here...apparently the guy who lived there used to hunt with John Wayne. 
Tons of clothes! 
On my way up to Los Feliz.....tunnels on the arroyo seco parkway. Don't worry, I didn't take the pic while driving. 
First editions of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass....something I have not yet found,  but am always searching for. 
my books -

my clothes -

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Princess Ariel and the Birthday Boy

Last Thursday we yanked our birthday boy out of school and headed for the happiest and most magical place on earth….Disneyland…unless you are the one paying for it. However, it was still pretty magical for Jason because on the day we were there they were filming an episode of his favorite show, Modern Family. We watched the t.v. filming process for a while, and as to not embarrass my family, I managed to resist screaming for Al Bundy. Anyway, it was a great two days of princesses, fairies, Mickey/Minnie ears, Jedi rides, face painting, unhealthy snacks, and two very happy Rosa kids. 

Landon, bless his heart, sucked it up and let Layla choose our breakfast venue. No surprise, we ate breakfast with the princesses, and she loved every second, and it saved us about two hours of waiting in line. 

Modern Family filming!

Pixie Hollow
 Hanging out at Minnie's house
 Mickey's Toon Town
 So cute in their Mickey/Minnie ears!
  Under normal conditions, you could not pay me to eat a corn dog. BUT, the hand dipped corn dogs at Disneyland are soooo good! 
Kids LOVED the jungle cruise
Can't believe my baby boy is 10 years old!