Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Boy!

In March my baby boy, turned 11 years old. He is now, according to him, smarter and cooler than me. Oh, and he is also embarrassed by my mere presence when he is within 200 feet of any school aged child….I think he’s bracing himself for the excellent possibility that I may do something weird. Unfortunately, I was on my third wave of back issues during his birthday so no big party. However the good news is that because my back was injured my mom came out to help and Landon got to spend his birthday with his Mema. 

Another Pinterest idea. Balloon avalanche. Worked perfectly and he loved it! 

Ok, I couldn't resist showing some baby pics of my boy...

Big Brother! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Layla's St. Patricks Day Adventure

I’m not sure if Pinterest is to blame, or maybe its just lovely, energetic kindergarten teachers, but school for my kids is vastly different than I remember it. The week before St. Patrick’s Day, Layla had an assignment to make a leprechaun trap. Neither Jason nor I have ever really encouraged the kids to believe in the small man that wreaks minor havoc on your house/classroom on March 17th, but a little suggestion was all it took and Layla ran with it. She took her assignment very seriously. Her daddy and her worked for hours to come up with the perfect trap…Landon even volunteered some yellow legos for the fake gold.
The trap...complete with gold at the end of the rainbow! 

 Green glitter everywhere. Apparently leprechauns leave a trail of green glitter wherever they go. 
And they make a huge mess!! Puzzle, glue sticks, blocks, and every toy on the ground. The intake of breath from every mom present was hilarious.
 The leprechaun left clues inside and outside the classroom for the kids. At the very end was a green hat full of gold reeses peanut butter cups, which according to Layla made cleaning up the massive mess totally worth it.