Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Countertops and Sink

So this was fun. Embarking on a task where you have nothing to guide you but youtube videos. Oh yeah, super fun....and scary as hell. We ordered one 12 foot cherry butcher block countertop and one six foot from lumber liquidators and had the happy task of cutting them ourselves. Since we are newbies at this whole power tool thing we decided to do straight cuts instead of 45 degree cuts for the corners. And I'm so glad we did. Jason cut three pieces before we had a huge "duh!" moment and clamped a guide so we could get our perfect cuts much faster. You live you learn. 

The trendy contractor :) 

pocket jig holes secured the countertops to each other then they were flipped and secured from underneath. 
notching the countertops to fit the farmhouse sink! 

And the sink. I am so glad this day is over. The countertops needed to be cut a little to get the sink in perfectly. Since the lip of the sink rests on the countertop it was pretty important we didn't cut too much....which meant Jason had to dead lift the sink about 20 times. 
Still not there...

And finished...sorta. Water isn't hooked up yet, but its in! I had a horrible dream the night we installed this...I walked in the house the next day and the sink had fallen down, shattered, and of course dragged the countertops with it, cracking the newly installed slate tile. However, the next morning everything was fine and my ridiculous paranoia was put to rest. 

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