Sunday, August 10, 2014

Orcas: Part One

The last few months have been a bit stressful for our family. Since January we have moved, bought a house, moved again, did an insane diy kitchen renovation, and survived a very unexpected job layoff. So when the opportunity came to take a little family adventure to the San Juan Islands, we took it. An hour drive in the car and a little over an hour ferry ride on a beautiful sunny day, and we were there. 

 Our lunch view
 We rented a 100 year old farmhouse (my pick, not Jason's). You had to walk through the kitchen to take a shower but it was right on the water and ocean views from almost every room. 
 One of my favorite things of Washington in the summer is the food. Fresh, local, organic and so freaggin delicious I want to cry. We ate at a pizza place our first night, they served small bites of roasted kale with squash puree and tomatoes and our (mine and laylas) pizza was squash blossom with goat cheese. Jason and Landon are more pizza purists and were not as impressed. 

Gorgeous views everywhere you look! 

 Exploring our beach....and torturing tiny crabs that live in droves under every rock
 Embracing her American Indian heritage. 
Relaxing...and slightly sunburned feet. :) 

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